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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

The ice winks in the glass
Warm thoughts freckle my shoulders
My mind melts into my veins
Eyes shutter close
As nostalgia has a lock-in
Painted smiles chuckle around the bar
Filled with familiar faces of people I have never met
Bottles, who spirit is judged on emptiness
Line up, in front of an oily mirror
One is charged and taken for further investigation
In it’s place, a reflection of you
Glimmering under a paper moon

What if we’re just a what if?

The bath tide rises as we meet
Hot water collects in your belly button
Turning around to look at me
“We’ve known each other for 300 years” you say.
“Good to see you, it’s been a while” I say.

A pearl in a sea of rice krispies.

Stonewash jeans collect around your waist
Friends don’t like them but you don’t care
Grace, held by buttons of strength.
Behind a smile that leaves nothing else in the room.
Above drifts.
A heady scent like a ballon released on a warm day.
Then optical universes collide
Amid the colour of your lips and my fingertips.
Suddenly hair in faces.
Goosebumps connecting dots.
Backs arch toward the heavens.
Stealing breath.
Juddering into a singular heap.

Cotton surrounds slowing heartbeats.
Thighs lean on each other.
The soles of our feet touch.
Family of toes get aquatinted.

But smiles slid into haunted looks
Maybe we parted for the same reason all that time ago?
That two halves don’t make a whole

Do we want to wait another 300?

The ice has melted now
Rivers of possibility run in all directions
When better to make up?
Ear smoke dreams out the speaker.
I know that voice.
I walk past the bar.
Your look taps me on the shoulder.
It is my turn to turn.
Your eyes now averted.
But your flushed capillaries tells the truth.

That one plus one equals much more than two.