Conrad Gamble

Writer | Director

Ode to the 16th of September, 2016

This ode is not to herald news of tomorrow,
Wandering tales of colourful geckos.
The future we are not here to borrow,
And no yesterday’s am I here to echo.

For it is now, this day, to be enraptured,
So beware of time, that minute snatcher,
As this eve, this wonderful chapter,
Is to celebrate and to capture.
This fleeting moment we shall ensnare,
Of when and how and where,
We shared in the declaration of this love affair,
And how the deal was sealed for this magical pair.
Sitting here, in the palm of the cosmos.
Stars, they’ll dance and twinkle,
It’s a knowing wink from Old Eros,
About the elixir he has sprinkled.
Riding your notes into a beautiful harmony,
Your music crescendos underneath these hills.
So we are you chorus in the forever memory,
To the tune of that of night when your souls still.