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Last of the Summer Sun

Spring previews full of warming praise
An expectant public in colourful days
Talk of the town and what was to follow
Was all about the circus of our friend Apollo.

Alas it was not to be,
For the Sol protagonist he did not show
The understudy jester did not aid the revelry
His performance lacked a certain glow

Although the crowd so starved they were of play,
Encore! Encore! you’d hear them say.
The harvest players they took their bow,
Best laid plans all gone for now.

Then came the autumn, over there, the fall,
But for the unexpected curtain call.
Our Star was back for one last show
The performance more than just a cameo.

Cloudy critics finally took their one-week break,
A summer from India it managed to make.
October tans no need to fake,
A worthy ovation for that one last bake.