Conrad Gamble

Writer | Director

Bow Out

Is it their emotion that scares you?
Or yours?
All those red shoes dancing the blues
What!? Not connoisseurs?

Some just want to say adieu
To the Alpha of the Omega’s
Someone they knew to be true
Who cared to question our dilemmas.

His departing journey, with us, his marching band,
Who doesn’t have baggage, when their leaving town?
Catherine wheels carrying, as, it seems, was planned
A wagon, that knows the tracks on which to groove on down.

Some humans I have seen, for many veiled years
That I know less than the man who fell to earth
Who looked straight through all his fears
With kaleidoscopic music and an ever gilded mirth.

So, if judgement is your tune,
Because the heavens won’t hear your dying shout.
Doesn’t mean we can’t paint the sombre moon
And, through glistening tears,
See a Blackstar where a light’s gone out.